ONEHealth Communications Ltd is composed of specialist teams who are experts in their fields. At ONEHealth we offer marketing and communications services across the pharmaceutical and healthcare arena. From R&D support through planning and regulatory strategy, stakeholder engagement to market entry and ongoing communications management, we focus on the delivery of highly targeted and specifically aligned campaigns that are tailored to individual needs and are highly measurable. We provide ONE solution for your marketing and communication needs

For market strategy, planning and branding we engage our experts who have all worked in healthcare for a wide range of commercial and NHS organisations and have developed methodologies that result in highly focused strategies and campaigns

For creative design, the production of high quality brand assets and more, we use our team of talented creatives, designers, copywriters, photographers and multimedia experts to ensure we have the right people on hand to deliver everything from mobile apps, innovative video to global brand strategy requirements

To connect clients effectively with their customers via the most trusted channels we leverage the skills and knowledge of the communication and digital team who are trusted by over 70 pharma companies with their digital footprint. Focused on providing measurable access and engagement to the pharmaceutical, healthcare and healthtech markets, we work with clients to deliver digital IQ and multi-channel strategies as well as outcome-driven content across multiple platforms


Our mission is simple. With our specialist insight, we partner with you to meet your customer needs, by providing measurable access and engagement to build winning brands



Our core values are key to everything we do:

  • We care – we care about the work we do and the results we achieve, we care about our colleagues, and our clients are in the caring profession
  • We are outcomes driven – we focus on what our client’s objectives are and will recommend and implement the best path to reach the desired outcomes. We challenge and advise our clients based on our extensive experience of what delivers quality access and engagement
  • We are reliable – we do what we say we will do
  • We are forward thinking – we are immersed in healthcare and always exploring how best to engage with an ever-changing audience, bringing up to date and innovative solutions to our clients
  • We are stronger together – we work closely with our colleagues and in partnership with our clients