ONEHealth launch digital insight tool – First Sight26th June 2019

Are you interested in finding out more about what drives or acts as a barrier to HCPs RXing your brand?

Would you like to know which of your core messages most resonates with your target audience?

These are just two of the questions our clients have repeatedly state they would like answers to.

As we are all aware, healthcare in the UK is in the throes of significant change. With local implementation plans and Integrated Care Systems now all important, the market is changing dramatically, and our clients now need to understand what motivates new and emerging groups of HCPs.

With that in mind, OneHealth has developed First Sight. First Sight is a service which will give our clients quick and straightforward access to a defined HCP audience up to 5 simple questions via the Data4NHS email service with a guaranteed number of responses. Targeting can be by job title and can also target HCPs by location.

Other areas First Sight can address:

  • Securing initial insight into product development
  • Verification on a particular decision or change in product or service
  • Current prescribing/referring process model
  • Insight into packaging/patient information/guidelines
  • Recruit a user group for research or feedback
  • Communicate the importance of customers feedback in product development?

To find out more about how First Sight can provide you with valuable insight from your target customers, please contact Dan Spruytenburg:

DD: 0203 950 1311

Mobile:07931 117840